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Thanks for reading my first ever blog post on my first ever website (yay!). If you have read any of my previous blogs (there’s been a few of them in the past few years!) you will know that I like to document things… in other words, get chatty about the things I like to do. With this blog, I want to have more of a focus on my creative outlets – mainly art and writing – but also anything else I fancy. It’s my blog and my website, so I can!


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As usual, time isn’t my friend, and like any other busy day, it has slipped away from me today. So I will just start with a few little scribbles I have done lately. I went to a watercolour workshop with Doris Chang the other day – a fantastic experience because I am a big fan of her stuff but also because I learnt some new techniques… always good! I had a bit of fun painting some veggies and trying to put my own spin on them (I can never escape the allure of a black ink line!) and I am happy with how they turned out… especially considering I was very hung over at the workshop (surprise, surprise…)


rkd blog 1


After the watercolour workshop I was all excited to try the new techniques I had learnt to make my new website banner. So I painted up the image below, which I love, but the website wouldn’t take it because of the image size… damn technology (also not my friend). I might need to get some help from my website designer, Ben, (shoutout to him – thanks so much for being amazingly smart!) and maybe he can fix it…

Anyway, I settled on the little lavender spread that you can see on the banner now. Lavender will just have to do for now!

As for the original image, I thought I would put it in my blog post anyway. Hopefully having my website FINALLY up and running will be good motivation to get off my butt and start doing more painting!


rkd.com pic

Rach 🙂


6 thoughts

    1. Thanks Grandy 🙂 So pleased with how it looks and happy to have my own little space on the internet now!
      Just realised that I didn’t hear back from you about lunch? Must catch up this week! Will text you later 🙂

    1. Thank you Rose! Cheers for reading, that is lovely of you! I haven’t had a chance to get back to your message, so I will do so now 😉 Speak to you soon! Rach 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading and having a look! More posts to come! Very excited to have it up and running so thank you for the feedback 🙂 Appreciate it! Rach x

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