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It’s April tomorrow… and I am finding this fact a little bit hard to deal with! Mainly because I can’t believe how quickly this year is zooming past, but also because I am feeling a bit frustrated with my personal efforts lately. As a rule, I am usually pretty on top of things and like to ‘get shit done’ (so to speak!). I love my routine and once I am in it, I thrive off of that ‘unstoppable-invincible-superwoman-powers’ kind of feeling that I get from it. Lately, it’s been less ‘superwoman’ and more ‘human slug.’ I have been hunting for that motivation that I know I have… somewhere… but it seems to have disappeared along with the warm weather! I think it has something to do with all the long weekends we have had lately – they have really thrown me off and I am strangely looking forward to next week’s normal 5-day working schedule! A full week of getting stuck into my goals (creative and exercise-related ones, as usual!)

I haven’t been a TOTAL slug, though. I have still been contributing to This Is Radelaide each week (you can read my recent publications here) and I have also started illustrating for the literature section of feud magazine, which I am SO excited about!




One of the watercolour illustrations I did for feud magazine. This work was inspired by ‘Cityscapes,’ a literature piece written by Laura Roscioli, which you can read here 🙂


FullSizeRender-6 IMG_1242


Another literature illustration for feud magazine. This little jar of olives was inspired by a piece written by Jodie Guidolin. Click here to have a read of it!

Sadly, I have only done ONE @paperscroll piece in the past couple of weeks (a bit of a flop considering I would like to do one a DAY!!!) but the one I did do is a pretty little thing (in my humble opinion!). I got a lovely response from the inspiration account, @tirtildesign, who made a comparison collage of the original image and my painting! It was cool to see and share because it really captures the concept of @paperscoll. Very appreciative of their positive feedback!



A comparison collage created by @tirtildesign. Thanks, guys!

So, looking at the month of March from a ‘room for improvement’ perspective, I have a few goals set for April. Apart from the little fitness/health regime I have been devising for myself, I have also got some creative objectives. I want to do at least three @paperscroll designs per week, do more feud mag illustrations and start publishing some creative writing pieces! Let’s see how that all pans out…

Rach x

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