Date: 1st August 2015- 31st August 2015

Venue: East End Flower Market, Adelaide

This exhibition was very special as it was my first ever solo exhibition. With a big turn out of lovely people, cheese, wine and floral-themed artworks- it was a night I will always treasure! A huge thank you to East End Flower Market for being a very beautiful and fitting venue, as well as supporting me. Thank you also to Coriole Winery for supplying my guests with delicious wines and adding to the lovely atmosphere! Thank you to Arlon Hall, who skillfully captured the event in some of the photos below. Finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended- you all made the night so memorable for me!

//A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T //

‘This exhibition is an expression of my appreciation for all things floral and naturally beautiful. While the pieces themselves have a focus on colour, intricate detail and prettiness, the process of developing them was the more personal element for me. At a time when I most needed distraction, creating these floral works allowed me to get lost in their detail, giving me a refreshed appreciation for the magnificence in life. Flowers have always been used to express emotions- appreciation, sympathy, love… loss. While I didn’t know it during the process of creating this exhibition, in hindsight I have realised that I was simply giving myself flowers- a gesture I am now happy to share with others.‘

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