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While I may not have been 100{28638563d37b60faacd69998eb0edcf91f67c39d9b23f90dd842bab98fc5933f} on top of my weekly art goals of late, there is one YEARLY goal that I am determined to uphold – SALA.

Last year was my first ever SALA exhibition, and it was a hugely rewarding experience for me. Besides the opening night being a whole heap of fun, the months leading up to the exhibition were what I really valued. Never before have I immersed myself so completely in my art. It is one of the first times (and perhaps the only time) that art has been my absolute top priority and focus – and I want that for myself again! So, when I saw the reminder pop up that registrations close next month, my heart gave a little flutter. Apart from being a time of artistic growth and all-nighter painting sessions, last year’s SALA experience was also a stressful one for me. I plan to be a little more organised this year (famous last words?) and thankfully, I DO have a concept in mind for my 2016 exhibition…

floral desk 3

Last week, armed with a pot of tea, fresh flowers for my art desk (that I stole during my morning walks…heh heh) and some blank pages, I started to form the first idea generations for my exhibition. As usual, there is a floral theme… but there is a catch…

floral desk 1

This year I have decided to use SALA as my motivation (and excuse) to try fabric design for the first time. It is something I have always toyed with, since I love fabric and used to sew a lot in my teenage years. Most┬áthe art I do is of the pattern/print variety, and I like the idea of wearing a piece of my own art. The only issue? I am completely new to this and it has taken a lot of time and research to find the best way to go about it. Actually, I am still in this process, so I decided to start slow with my art ideas (I don’t wan’t to overwhelm myself… more so).

sala scribbles 4

My plan of attack is to keep things quite simple in the design area, since actually getting the fabric printed and then making garments from it is going to take a lot of time and energy.

Goal = at least 5 designs, all printed and made into garments that can be worn by beautiful models (aka: my friends) on the opening night and then displayed on mannequins for the month of SALA

This goal makes me nervous because I already know it is going to be a LOT of work… but it also excites me because it will be a new challenge and (if successful) something I would like to look into more.

sala scribbles 2

sala scribbles 3

There is a vague plan of attack. Within the next two weeks I need to find a printer (I have done a lot of research and I think I have found two possible companies), enrol in SALA and find a venue. These are the main things I need to tick off – funny that none of it involves the actual art and design part… but I think that by doing these three things I will be locking myself in for another fun year of SALA ­čÖé

sala scribbles 5

 sala scribbles 5

In terms of design, I am thinking simple, elegant, pastel, minimal and floral. I am usually highly focused on detail, so keeping images minimalistic and thinking about what they will look like collectively will be a very new concept to me. ALLLLL the new concepts!

I am keeeeen as a bean ­čÖé

Rach x

sala scribbles 1

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