That Momentum

Before this week started, I had every intention of absolutely killing it in all ways possible. Hot yoga every morning, lots of healthy food, lots of ticks on my SALA to-do list, art orders done and dusted, a few runs here and there… and I can’t say I have done any of it. I think my body has been fighting off some invisible, dormant bug – my body is all achy and I have zero motivation. I have sort of been patiently waiting for full-blown sickness to hit but it hasn’t happened, and I would like to thank my strong immune system for that. So I have avoided being sick (hopefully) but I have had such an unproductive week… and that is worrying! My SALA exhibition starts at the very end of July, which is freaking me right out, and just to pile even more on top of myself (as I always do), I have just signed up for a last minute exhibition and enrolled myself into some extra study. Good one, Rach…


‘Poppy’ My tribute on Anzac day

But that’s all good – I like a bit of pressure, especially when it comes to doing the things I love. The last minute exhibition might be a bit of a rush, but it will get me back into that momentum I was talking about in some of my previous blogs – the momentum that I had leading up to SALA last year. A good (yet stressful) feeling. The piece that I will exhibit can also be used in my SALA exhibition (if I don’t sell it) so that works nicely. The night classes I have enrolled in are also complimentary to the SALA exhibition, if a bit late. I am doing an introductory class to Adobe Illustrator, so that if I do end up enjoying fabric design (which I am almost 100{28638563d37b60faacd69998eb0edcf91f67c39d9b23f90dd842bab98fc5933f} sure that I will) I will be able to do it in a better, quicker, more pro-like fashion.

Lest We Forget (@paperscoll inspired by @chloecfi)
‘Flower Beard’ (@paperscroll art inspired by: @romanticbeast)
Some good news – I have been getting lots of art orders from my website and art pages, which is a cool feeling. I always love a custom order because it gets me painting the most random pieces. Last week I was commissioned to paint a 2-year-old with her pet Corgy. The Corgy was no problem, with dogs being common subjects in my work, but the baby was a challenge. Mostly I was just worried I would turn her into some sort of demonic being – I kept thinking of those awful tattoo fails of babies you see on the internet! So, aiming to work in the complete opposite direction, I think I still managed to capture some cuteness (although nothing as cute as the real thing – Ava was a very pretty subject, even if I just had a photo to work from!)


‘Sour Sobs’


I have also had some @paperscroll orders, but they were presents that haven’t been gifted yet, so I have to keep them under wraps for now. Apart from that, it has been SALA stuff… and minimal I will admit. I think I am struggling with deciding between a more ‘realistic’ look (exhibit A) or a ‘cartoony’ print (exhibit B). I’m not sure what I will choose yet but I better make a decision soon – I have a checklist that needs ticking and a schedule written out for the month of May that needs to be met – eeek!

'Exhibit A'
‘Exhibit A’
'Exhibit B'
‘Exhibit B’

One of the biggest issues with this exhibition is my lack of sewing skills. I have SOME (as in, I can thread a sewing machine and use it) but the whole working from a pattern thing is new for me. Mum is an absolute sewing guru, and she has been helping me with the mock dress… but she goes away to Vietnam for 3 weeks this month (yay for her – so jealous). I am more worried about dragging her into pressure that she didn’t ask for, so my aim is to have all the designed fabric ready to go for her return. So far, the sewing doesn’t seem too hectic and I hope that by the second dress I wont need much help from her anyway… time will tell. Sorry in advance, Mum!

Also, the best news of late has been that I have secured a venue for my exhibition – and I am really excited about where it is! Just have to finalise a few things and then I will announce it in next blog 🙂 For now, here is a little french bulldog that I did for my brother’s bday last weekend!




Rach x

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