Petals & Fresh White Walls

Last week I went and visited one of my good friends for a cup of tea. We hadn’t caught up for a while so it was a delight to see her, and also exciting to see one of the pieces from my BLOOMS exhibition up in her house! My friend has recently renovated her house, and there was a fresh white wall waiting for a bit of colour – and my painting was glad to help out, it seems! I get a really good feeling when I see one of my pieces in someones home – I am always so appreciative of the support, as well as the knowledge that someone has chosen my work to brighten a space. It is a feeling I can’t describe, but I will say that it is awesome motivation and also the best form of ‘payment’ I can get. It is one of the many reasons I like to create. So, a big shout out to my amazing friend, Merryn, for being so supportive. This painting is bright, warm and beautiful, so it suits her well 🙂




In my previous blog post I mentioned some work that I couldn’t share at the time, as it was a gift that hadn’t been gifted yet. Well, now it has been, and I am happy to announce that the receiver was happy with it. The Stick To My Popsicle is a @paperscroll custom piece that I did, inspired by @jessgarnettcronin. It was really fun and I liked the clients idea of creating a ‘polaroid’ type boarder. I think it really suits the style of @paperscroll.


I have another art order underway at the moment, probably ready to share in the next month or so, so that is keeping me busy as well. Setting up this website has been one of the best things I have ever done – it is so easy to share my work and I find that people are now seeking me out, which is handy! So lots of art orders… which is great… but I do have to focus on SALA. I hate to say that I feel like it is ‘looming’ on the horizon, but with so much work to do and so much to plan, it is a bit daunting. So, to keep the motivation levels up, I did another watercolour workshop with Doris Chang last weekend (see pics below). It was an interesting one because I wanted to work on simplifying my designs. I like to get intricate and I like to add detail, but with my SALA designs I am looking for something cleaner, more minimal. Sounds like an easy task – but I am finding it difficult. Doris helped me to focus on shape and lines, as well as ‘letting the paint do it’s own thing.’ I guess I am a control freak, because I found this quite difficult. Thank you to Doris for the amazing tips, advice and genuinely pleasant company. I can’t recommend her enough for anyone looking to do an art class.





With all my fussing, I have to remember that I have managed to tick a few things off my SALA list of late. Finished mock dress? TICK! Finished first fabric design? TICK! Secured venue? TICK! I am holding the exhibition at Folklore Cafe in Port Adelaide! Port Adelaide has so much potential and I am all about promoting it to help it grow. For this reason, I sought out venues in this area, hoping they would feel the same. Folklore responded and now I have an exhibition venue! The opening night is the 29th July and running for the month August for SALA festival.


‘Mum, take a photo of me sewing…I feel like a pro..”




I am really happy with how the dress turned out (thanks again to my sewing guru Mum!) and can’t wait to see how it looks with my own fabric prints! I am ordering my first pattern today (see below – yay!), so hopefully it arrives before Mum gets home from Vietnam in a couple of weeks! I am still trying to decide if I have the funds and time to do five dresses… may have to do 3 and then a few interior cushions or something. Will have to see…




That’s the update for now! 🙂

Rach xx

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