Counting down the petals to SALA 2016

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Guess what, everyone!? SALA Festival begins next weekend! Woo! I’m pretty amped about it, especially because I am WAY more involved in it this year than I predicted. I would have liked to document these things as well as my progress over the past few weeks, but I was sick for 6 weeks and, ironically, so was my website! But, thanks to some antibiotics and my amazing web developer, we are both happily back in action. So, I thought I would do a little update before SALA craziness sets in and I have no time again.


cushion and canvas mixed 2-min


Right now, it’s Sunday morning and the weather outside is stormy. Perfect painting weather. I have a SALA to-do list pinned up at my desk and after a big weekend of painting, sewing and detailing, I am happy to say that most of the items are scratched off. *gives self high-5*


SALA shot 1


So, from these images, you can see that my focus for this year’s SALA exhibition has been Australian florals and surface design. It has been really fun learning about new design concepts and also brushing up on my sewing skills (thanks, Mum!).

This year my solo exhibition, f l o r a, will be at the beautiful Folklore Cafe, which is nestled in Port Adelaide, right on the river. It is full of natural light, open spaces and yummy coffees, so I am very excited to exhibit my work there.


cushion and canvas euclyptus-min


I am also honoured to be a part of a second exhibition this year — A Bus Full Of Art — a group exhibition that I am delighted to share with several other artists. These are established artists that I have come to know, and they are all crazy talented and very inspirational for me as an emerging artist. Like the name suggests, the exhibition is taking place on a bus (a big yellow school bus, to be precise!) and will be parked in Victoria Square from 31st July — 7th August. The bus offers a fun, welcoming environment where people can experience art in a casual setting, as well as meet the artists and watch them work. My work will be in the bus and I will be painting there on the following days:

Sunday 31st July

Friday 5th August

Saturday 6th August

So make sure you stop by and say hello! The bus will also make a little trip to the Brighton Arts Market on the 21st August, offering more craft-based works, so you can come and see us there, too! I am feeling very lucky to be exhibiting my work next to such talented artists that I now also call my mates.

A Bus Full of Art Combined Invite SALA 2016 JPEG

Working on this exhibition has been an interesting process for me, mainly because it has made me realise just how much I really LOVE creating art. It has also made me begin to take myself more seriously as an artist and start thinking about how I can fit as much art into my life as possible. It has caused me to rethink my future and also presented some tough decisions about my life’s directions and my career. I guess, exhibitions can be funny like that. They are always a turning point, in one way or another. Having a lot of exciting media and publishing attention lately (watch this space!) has also given me some confidence as an artist, which is a nice feeling.

Image: Joseph Ninio Photography

If you’re around the Port Adelaide area within the month of August, pop into Folklore Cafe and have a coffee whilst checking out my latest works. There will be canvases, cushions, scrolls and dresses on display, so there’s sure to be something there to please your peepers.

Rach xx


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