Here come the sloths!

A few weeks ago, I was feeling a bit down. I had just got back from Europe, and I think I was feeling the post-holiday blues. I have also been going through some life changes lately, and sometimes change freaks me the hell out, so I think that rattled me a little bit, too. When I am feeling down, the last thing I want to do is paint or write — or do anything creative, for that matter. Really, these are the times I should be creative, because creativity is what always brings me back to a state of happiness. It gives me the feeling that despite whatever is going on, I am on the right track — living a creative life. So, when I finally motivated myself to get out of my foetal position on the couch and pick up a brush, I really just wanted to paint something to cheer myself up. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see that this resulted in a whole bunch of sloths wearing flower crowns. The first one actually popped up while I was in London, and I really enjoyed the concept. At first, they made me giggle (and still do) but now… I can’t stop painting them!



Each slothie gal is conjured up from happy, empowered thoughts. For me, I think they are a statement of femininity, because they are all goddesses in their own right. Each one is unique and comes with her own personality, values and ideas. I have become really fixated on sloths as a species, and they are really interesting creatures — but mostly, I just give them qualities that I value in my family and friends. The funny thing is, sloths are probably the opposite of everything I (and most girls) want to be. They’re hairy, slow, unproductive, have a poor diet and even grow mould on themselves. But despite all this, how bloody cute are they? And look how glorious they look in flower crowns!? So sassy. I think it just proves that you should be happy with yourself, because everyone is a cutie in their own right.


Because I find them to be so empowering in a roundabout feminine way, I have started to create some that are inspired by iconic women. Like this Frida Kahlo sloth, for example — more to come in Frida style! She was fun to work with.


Each sloth comes complete with a little story/blurb, so that people can feel like they know a little bit about them, before taking them home for adoption. This way, no one has to feel awkward.


They have been pretty popular so far, and I have already found new homes for some of the slothie gals. This has also encouraged me to look at making prints of my work, which is something that I have been thinking about for a long time. I did my first market stall of prints, with just three different versions of my sloths, last Friday night at the Campbelltown Moonlight Markets. I sold a few sloths and I could see that they went to good homes, so that was a good start. Next, I want to open up an Etsy account (FINALLY!) so that I can start being more organised with my work. It’s amazing how much the sloths have motivated me to keep doing what I love, and to just go for it.


So, it’s onwards and upwards from now on. More sloths, more market stalls and hours and hours of painting — just the way I like it 🙂

Rach xx

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