‘Bouquet’ Group Exhibition (Fringe Festival 2017)

Date: 16th February — 19th March 2017

Venue: Gallery Yampu, Port Adelaide

As part of Fringe Festival 2017, I took part in the ‘Bouquet’ exhibition at Gallery Yampu. This exhibition featured over 30 local artists and had a ‘floral’ theme, which meant plenty of petals and lovely botanic designs. It was a delight to feature amongst all these talented artists, and to exhibit in one of my favourite Adelaide spots — Port Adelaide.



“If you’ve ever found yourself upside down, you would have noticed that the world you see every day suddenly looks strange, unfamiliar and captivating. For me, this piece was simply about capturing that feeling of awe, and to encourage you to experience the world around you in a new way. I believe this can be done by participating in activities for the joy of them, and not just for any sort of personal gain. Create or enjoy some art, take a walk through nature, order an extravagant dessert or buy yourself some flowers — just because!”

Medium: Acrylic on round wooden board

Size: 91cm x 91cm

‘Inversion’ (SOLD) 91cm x 91cm. Acrylic on artist board


“In a society where ‘perfection’ is a concept that is drilled into us, it is no wonder that the beauty in imperfection is often drowned out. Beauty is in diversity, and nature reflects this, with no place on earth being quite the same as the last. As humans, I think it is important to strive for flow and detail, rather than perfection, and this is what this piece encapsulates.”

Medium: Acrylic on round wooden board

Size: 91cm x 91cm

‘Play’ 91cm x 91cm on artists’ board




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