Petals and Paint at ‘Bouquet’

2017 has been an interesting year so far. I’ve started a new job (that I am LOVING), moved into some new digs that I am really excited to decorate, and I have already been involved in a group exhibition. So, all good so far, now I just need to paint more sloths and open my Etsy store (coming VERY soon!).

The exhibition I am speaking of is ‘Bouquet’ — a floral-themed exhibition at Gallery Yampu in Port Adelaide. A friend of mine suggested that I apply to exhibit in this one because of the theme (y’all know I love flowers!). Of course I was excited to work within this focus, but I was also really happy to be exhibiting in Port Adelaide, an area that I love and like to promote. I had never been to Gallery Yampu before, and I was surprised and pleased to find what a nice space it is — full of big white walls, friendly people and superb Port River views.

‘Play’ 91cm x 91cm. Acrylic on artist board

I am exhibiting two pieces in this show, both of them quite large. I am really happy with how they have turned out and I enjoyed creating them. My aim was to buy a couple of fresh canvases (round ones, at that!) and to just start painting. I didn’t want to give it too much thought or planning, I just wanted to loosen up and paint whatever came to mind. As a result, I ended up with two round, floral-themed canvases, both completely different from each other.

‘Inversion’ (SOLD) 91cm x 91cm. Acrylic on artist board

So far the exhibition has been a lovely experience. I am exhibiting alongside over 30 other local artists, so it has been a good opportunity to meet new people and to network with others that share my passions for art and The Port. It is still open for another week, so if you’re in the area make sure you pop in and have a look!



Gallery Yampu, 1 Jenkins Street, Port Adelaide

Open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

11am — 4pm

Until 19th March 2017

For more photos from this show, click HERE to visit my ‘exhibitions’ page.

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