A Pup Portrait Montage

“What did humans ever do to deserve dogs?”

I think it is pretty clear from my work that I love dogs…and flowers… but especially dogs. My own fur baby, Heidi, features regularly on my social media accounts and my whole Facebook feed is pretty much dog meme’s because they always get a big ‘like’ from me. Let’s be honest, dogs are the best. So, when people started asking me to paint their puppies late last year, I was more than happy to get started…

‘Bentley’ – one of the first pup portrait models

… then the orders just kept rolling in.

…and then more orders, and more again.

Before I knew it, I had several work-in-progress dog portraits to work on in my studio every week. I had a little waiting list going! I got to paint sooooo many gorgeous doggo’s, and I was pretty pleased about it (and a little stressed!). Now that the tidal wave of pup-portrait orders has calmed down a bit, I thought I would do a post about all the hairy fun I’ve had!

I am still doing the occasional portrait, and I am always happy to do them because they make me happy, as well as the clients. I just hope all the dogs have been happy with them, too!

There was even a Cat at one point – Mr. Darcy was also a pleasure to paint.

…and after all that, I’ve not had time to paint my own little puppy, Heidi, besides this tiny card I made for my Dad last year. I will get around to doing a proper painting of her at some point — the only problem is I don’t know which pose to choose. Big decisions in life, hey?

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