About Me

As you may have already guessed, my name is Rachel! I am a freelance content writer and visual artist/illustrator, working for many different publications and clients around Adelaide and Australia. I am a frequent contributor to This Is Radelaide and Feud publications and like to spend my time painting, drawing, writing — basically just living a creative life (the best life, in my opinion!).


Photo by Liam West in SA LIFE Magazine (SALA Festival edition, 2016)


I have set up this website as a sort of casual portfolio of my work — all my art works, designs, exhibitions, illustrations, published writing pieces, musings and creative projects. I also have a blog section because…well…I like to document things! Things that get me excited are art, writing, cooking, travel, food, puppies, flowers, health, fitness, snazzy prints and yoga — and these are all things that I may waffle on about in my blog posts, if you care to have a read!

I am always up for new projects and open to ideas so if you would like to contact me, just have a little click HERE

Thanks for reading!

Rach x


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3.46.22 pm
My fur baby, Heidi, and I getting things done. Photo by Feud Mag.